Ferry sinks at Pattaya - representation of Russian Church in Thailand calls to give support to those suffering

Thailand, November 3, 2013

Just outside the resort town of Pattaya in Thailand a passenger ferry has sunk. Many residents of Russia were on board: three Russian people were taken to the hospital—two adults in grave condition and one child in a coma, reports the website of the Orthodox Church in Thailand.

The representation of the Russian Orthodox Church (Patriarchate of Moscow) in Thailand expresses heartfelt condolences to all the casualties, their families and relatives.

In all Orthodox Churches of Thailand the believers are praying for speedy recovery of the victims and for repose of those killed.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand has expressed the hope that the cause of the catastrophe will be carefully determined by the local authorities and everybody will be notified.

The clergy of Orthodox Churches in Thailand is calling to do one's best to help and console those suffering.

According to Andrey Dvornikov, head of the consular department at the Russian Federation's embassy in Bangkok, the boat sank in the evening, on its way from the isle of Koh Lan to Pattaya. The incident happened at about 100 metres from the shore.

"According to our information, it is certain that five people were killed: three foreigners and two residents of Thailand. Nothing is known about other victims yet; we do not even know at the moment whether there are Russian people among the three dead foreigners," noted the diplomat.

"At least half of the passengers of the ferry were Russian tourists. At the present time, workers of the consular department of the embassy and the honorary consulate in Pattaya are trying to ascertain the incident details and through local extraordinary services are finding out the information on how many Russian compatriots were on board and to which hospitals the rescued people were sent," added the consul.

According to the local media, 80 people were rescued, 10 of them are in grave condition, and 5 people died. Moreover, a part of the passengers are posted missing.

The cause of the incident is being determined by the authorities of Thailand.


8 ноября 2013 г.

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