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21 августа / 3 сентября 2011 г. Суббота 12-й седмицы по Пятидесятнице. Сретенский монастырь. Великая вечерня, утреня. Хор Сретенской Духовной семинарии. (MP3 файл. Продолжительность 143:55 мин. Размер 69.1 Mb)
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Злой дух... и зла нам не может какого причинить, если Господь не попустит, а если Господь попущает ему пакости нам делать, то за гордыню нашу.

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[Orthodoxy Today]
For over a decade in Europe the systematic destruction and abandonment of a religious and ethnic minority took place under the watch of the international community. Of course, certain photo opportunities take place and the resemblance of trying to protect can be seen on the ground but in the cold reality of Kosovo the Serbian Orthodox Christians have been ghettoized and have either been forced to flee or to face even more pressure.
Archbishop Dmitri (Royster)
Because of recent discussions about the Catholic Church’s considering defining a new dogma concerning the Virgin Mary it might be of interest to Christians of other Churches to have some explanation of the Orthodox Church’s position concerning her.
[Saints. Asceties of Piety. Church Holy Days ]
Monk Gorazd
When many Roman Catholic priests rose up against Bishop Gorazd, even the Catholic Bishop Stoian said: "Leave Pavlik alone, you are not worthy to tie his laces, it would be good if everyone were like Pavlik." The Catholics tried to persuade Bishop Gorazd to return to Catholicism, while remaining in bishop's orders and with the choice of rites.
[Saints. Asceties of Piety. Church Holy Days ]
Archimandrite Nektarios (Serfes), St. Nectarios of Aegina
Christianity is a religion of revelation. The Divine reveals its glory only to those who have been perfected through virtue. Christianity teaches perfection through virtue and demands that its followers become holy and perfect. It disapproves of and opposes those who are under the influence of the imagination.
[Coming to Orthodoxy]
Archpriest Vladimir Melnichuk
In the mid 1980’s, one Italian young man, after a long search, found his path to God in Orthodoxy. He wanted to become a priest and went to Mt. Athos to Elder Paisios to ask what Orthodox country he should serve in. The answer he received was, “Stay in Italy. Soon, as if by a wave of the sea, the country will be covered by Orthodoxy. Divine services will take place in every city. You will be needed in your homeland.”

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Свештеник Павле Гумеров
Свете Тајне — Тело и Крв Христова — су највећа светиња, дар од Бога нама грешнима и недостојнима. Самим тим се не зову без разлога — Часни Дарови.
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