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The Recent History of Ecumenism and the Struggle for Orthodoxy (Part A)

Protopresbyter Theodore Zisis

Source: Orthodox Ethos

March 20, 2017

Photo: The Union of Orthodox Journalists Photo: The Union of Orthodox Journalists

In light of the recent developments in Greece, the site Orthodox Ethos has presented to English speakers the following translation of Fr. Theodore Zisis' enlightening lecture on the recent history (mainly in Greece) of ecumenism and the struggle for Orthodoxy.

* * *

Reverend Fathers,

Elder Joanikios, Fr. Photios, Fr. Symeon, other Fathers, most devout monastics, ladies and gentlemen:

It brings me great joy to be here tonight with you in Askos [a village near Lagadas, about 45 minutes north of Thessaloniki], because we are joined together with Fr. Photios, by strong spiritual ties which go back many years, but also because Fr. Photios - a mature and conscientious clergyman who took on the priesthood as a duty, as a vocation, and who strives to act in a manner consistent with that great grace which God has given him - strives by means of this gift of the priesthood, to enlighten and inform his flock here in Askos concerning these matters connected with the Orthodox Faith.

As you have heard, tonight I will be speaking about a highly interesting matter. Presupposing that many of you are not fully informed about this matter, even though there have been many efforts to [spread this information]. Tonight, I will try to present you, at the very least, with the developments which have occurred surrounding this major theme of Ecumenism, in the last two or three years. I am going to tell you in simple words what Ecumenism is, what the heresy of Ecumenism teaches, because you need to understand why the heresy of Ecumenism makes us so uneasy, and why Patriarchs, Archbishops, Bishops and many others are advocates of this heresy.

Why a great well known Serbian Elder - and now Saint - Elder Justin Popovich, described Ecumenism as a 'Pan-heresy', and the 'summation of all the other heresies'. What is Ecumenism? It is not just one heresy. All of the other heresies are contained within Ecumenism!

How does it contain all the other heresies? We all know that the Monophysites are heretics, and that the Monophysites were condemned by the Ecumenical Councils- the 3rd, 4th, and 7th- and by many of the Holy Fathers. The heresy of Monophysitism is condemned. We all know that Iconoclasm was condemned at the 7th Ecumenical Council. We all know that Papism- the Pope of Rome- was condemned at the councils, and even at Ecumenical Councils; the 8th Ecumenical Council, and the consensus of the Holy Fathers considers Papism to be heresy.

... Read the rest at Orthodox Ethos.

Protopresbyter Theodore Zisis

14 / 06 / 2017

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In using the term "Monophysite," Fr. Theodore is not saying they are Eutychians - of course he knows the history. However, historically there were very many brands of Monophysitism, not only Eutychianism. Thus, to deny the heresy of Eutyches does not automatically make for true theology.

Here is a work of the same author on the topic: http://orthochristian.com/80882.html
Justin Joy:
Greetings in The Lord !

I,personally, disagree with the usage MONOPHYSITES - if that was to address The Oriental Orthodox Churches. The ideal term would be MIAPHYSITES. The proponent of Monophysitism is none other than Eutychus, who is condemned by both the Easterner's and the Oriental's.

The Eastern Orthodox are not Diphysites, either, if anyone equates that with Nestorianism. Many, including some so-called learned clergy (EO & OO), instead of learning and believing from HEAR-SAY information, please learn the true Christology of each other.

Please find the Christology of The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (India) @ http://mosc.in/the_church/theology/christology

In Christ
A sinner
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