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Senator Rand Paul cites futility and danger to Christians of U.S. war against Syria

September 4, 2013

Voicing his opposition to a U.S. strike against Syria, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke on NBC’s Meet the Press last Sunday.

“I think the Islamic rebels winning is a bad idea for the Christians. All of a sudden we’ll have another Islamic state where Christians are persecuted,” said Mr. Paul.

The Senator also explained that although President Obama has drawn a “red line” regarding the use of chemical weapons, bombing the already war-torn country would provide no guarantee that chemical weapons would not be used again. As he sees it, those seeking to attack Syria stand to gain no more than a “stalemate” between the opposing sides, and he is not willing to send his or anyone else’s son to war only to achieve a stalemate. Furthermore, he said, this conflict does not affect America’s interests. Although President Assad is not a U.S. ally, neither will an Islamist regime become a U.S. ally should it take control in Syria, said Paul.

Mr. Paul also feels that Russia and China should have been more engaged in the discussions; especially Russia, since it has a strong national interest in the stability of Syria.

04 / 09 / 2013

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