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71 Christians killed in Nigeria in November

Abuja, November 28, 2013

At least 71 Christians were killed in November in Nigeria as a result of attacks on Christian villages by the nomadic Fulani people and the Boko Haram militants.

According to ICC, on November 26, Fulani attacked four villages in the Plateau state - those of Ravuru, Tasu, Foron, and Gurabok. 37 people were killed, many were injured. Houses of Christians are devastated.

Most of mass media have mentioned accusations in thefts of cattle and land disputes as possible motives of attacks, while not mentioning the fact that over recent months Fulani more than once have slaughtered defenseless Christians in their homes in the Plateau state.

On November 11 and 13, 26 Christians were killed in the local government area Askira/Uba and 8 more on November 3 in the village of Ngoshe in the Borno state. Terrorists from Boko Haram are responsible for these murdersthey came to Christian villages, entered their houses and shot up innocent people. Several churches have been ruined, 40 houses burned down, while hundreds of Christians fled.


02 / 12 / 2013

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