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Monks in Kiev are back between the barricades

Kiev, January 24, 2014

At approximately 19:30 yesterday, the priests who stopped the conflicts on Grushevsky Street on the morning of January 21 have returned to their post between the barricades, reports Orthodoxy in the Ukraine.

We and the brothers of the Desyatina Monastery decided to renew our prayer vigil between the sides at enmity,” wrote Archimadrite Alipy (Svetlichny), one of the participants of “Nights on Grushevsky” on his facebook page.

“At 20:00 the truce may be over. And we have to get there before then to occupy the area in the center. At 18:45 we will gather on the square before the Catholic church of St. Alexander, since it is the most convenient place on the Kreshchatik, and we will leave from there.”

* * *

One of the initiators of the vigil on January 21, father confessor of the Decyatina Monastery Hieromonk Melchisedek, wrote on his facebook page after re-entering the arena:

“We are going back to form a human chain between brothers who have had a fight and can’t find the right words in their defense!

“Forgive me brothers, because I have sinned grievously before you! For I also forgive you, who have offended me to the very depths of my soul! Let there be peace and love between us! God, bless us!


* * *

We ask all those who care to pray!

24 / 01 / 2014

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