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Jerusalem: Leaflets Attributed to ISIS Threaten to Massacre All Christians

A group calling itself the “Islamic State in Palestine” spread fliers in east Jerusalem threatening that it would massacre all Christians who fail to evacuate the Holy City. The leaflets, which appeared on June 27, say that the Islamic State knows where the city’s Christians live, and warns that they have until Eid al-FitrJuly 19, when Ramadan endsto leave the city or be slaughtered. The leaflet was emblazoned with the black flag associated with the Islamic State.

Raymond Ibrahim

01 / 07 / 2015

The Zionists and Western powers (USA, NATO, UN, etc.) are pretending to be "ISIS" and are trying to rid the city of Jerusalem of all Muslims and Christians. The Jewish people will only be able to re-build their temple (or, build the Third Temple on the ruins of the old ones) if they have no resistance. They have to tear down the Muslim Dome of the Rock first in order to accomplish this. Unfortunately, many people do not understand this, but this is what we are going to see happen.

Here in the United States, most Christians support Israel and the Zionists, and demonize Muslims as being satanic beasts. The Zionist Jews are the real enemies of Christ. It is very difficult to talk about the truth even with friends and other Christians. I usually just try my best to hold my tongue and pray to God for guidance. It is clear that the age of the antichrist is upon us. Lord have mercy.
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