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Primates of Local Orthodox Churches celebrate liturgy at St. Paul church in Chambesy

Source: DECR Communication Service

January 24, 2016

On January 24, 2016, the Primates of Local Orthodox Churches celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the church of St. Paul in Chambesy, Switzerland.

The liturgy was celebrated by His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, His Beatitude Patriarch Theodoros II of Alexandria, His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos-Patriarch Iliya II of All Georgia, His Holiness Patriarch Irenaeus of Serbia, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of Romania, His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria, His Beatitude Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Cyprus, His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana and All Albania, His Beatitude Metropolitan Rostislav of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, as well as Metropolitan Hermanos of Ilia (Greek Orthodox Church) and Bishop Georges of Siemiatycze (Polish Orthodox Church).

Worshipping in the church were the delegations of the Local Orthodox Churches.

After the Reading of the Gospel, His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew addressed the congregation, saying in particular, "It is a special joy for us to have an opportunity to testify to our unity and mutual love through the common Cup of Life, when we offer the Bloodless Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of the Lord so that we may carry out the highly important and the most complicated work of the Syntaxes and fulfil our church service in general."

According to Patriarch Bartholomew, the Synaxis of the Primate of the Most Holy Orthodox Churches, which is taking place these days, "as one body is another testimony to the unity of the Orthodox Church and confirmation of the words of St. Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles, who said: There is one body and one Spirit one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all (Eph. 4:406)."

The liturgical exclamations of the primate were voiced in Greek, Arabic and Church Slavonic.

The liturgical hymns were sung in Greek and French.

DECR Communication Service

25 / 01 / 2016

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I pray that God will not punish us by allowing this spectacle to actually take place, and if it does happen I pray that at least one of the patriarchs present will place the teachings, history, canons, saints, martyrs and TRUE theologians before the will of the "good old boy" mentality that seems to exist today in such meetings and circles where they have all had their private meetings and agreed before hand on what will take place. I pray that they would be able to think independently without the influence of people whose allegiance is to their lodges and not to the Holy Church of Christ. May God raise up just one with the Holy Spirit that St. Mark of Ephesus acquired whom the majority of these modern Greek patriarchs (Istanbul, Egypt and Palestine) seem to despise! God have mercy on us. We deserve such men to be our spiritual leaders. This is our punishment for our wayward sinful ways!
Paok :
Have any of you seen an Icon of the seventh ecumenical council? I invite you to search and view the icon depicting this blessed and Holy Spirit inspired event in Church history and you will see that there is no one bishop or patriarch placing himself in the central role, but rather all are EQUAL, and no man is acting as some sort of supreme leader or papal figure which is not what you see here in the picture above. Why is this important? It simply proves that everything about this so called "council" is simply not of the spirit of the past. This is a forced, coerced council by people who want to do the bidding of their overlords. For the first time in the history of the holy Orthodox faith our so called "first amongst equals" is wanting to open the meeting up to heretics, namely his latin papist friends, and so far not one person is objecting.
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