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Dormition in Greece

The feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God is like a second Pascha--it is the most important summer celebration and official holiday in Greece. On August 15 (the Greek Church is on the new calendar), after a two week fast and lengthy service in church, the Greeks don bright traditional costumes and dance, shoot off fireworks, and generally have a good time. Every little village, every island and town has its own unique way of celebrating the Dormition of the Mother of God. Photographer Vladimir Khodakov happened to be in the center of these solemnities on the island of Paros, where practically the entire population, including numerous pilgrims and tourists, participate in the Cross procession with the venerated icon of the Mother of God “Panagia of the hundred-door church”--the main holy shrine of the ancient church in Greece after which the icon is named. This church does in fact have one hundred doors.
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maravilloso, los griegos se significaron en la pugna contra Nestorio.... Teotokos madre de Dios, madre de la iglesia, baluarte de la redenciуn
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