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Orthodox Greece is dying. We have been occupied without a warMet. Ambrose of Kalavyrta

Moscow, January 26, 2017

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In a new statement, Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavyrta of the Church in Greece fervently implores his fellow countrymen and Churchmen to return to their Orthodox faith, the glory of the Greek culture.

The hierarch cites several problematic issues in Greece today, including the influx of refugee-invaders, and the government’s abandonment of Orthodoxy and warm overtures towards Islam.

“Greece finds itself in a tragic situation,” he writes. “A great many ‘refugees’ and ‘immigrants’ are arriving daily to our country In fact, the so-called refugees (in reality they are occupants sent to our country) have begun criminal activities. They attack, rob, hurt, and kill innocent Greek citizens.”

Tragically, the state also openly enforces atheism, while using taxpayer money to pay for a mosque in the capital: “Despite citizens’ protests, Christianity is persecuted, and Islam is propagated at the state level.”

“The situation is tragic! Greece is de-Christianizing! Christ is persecuted! The Greek-Christian culture is being destroyed. Islamist fanatics desecrate, plunder, and set fire to Orthodox churches. The Greek government watches indifferently, and in the meantime Greece is dying!”

Recalling how Orthodox values were once inculcated in Greek schools, Met. Ambrose fervently implores: “Beloved brethren, again and again I repeat: Wake up! Come to your senses! Think! Get up off your couches, take responsibility. In a few years we will be foreigners in our own country. Greek Orthodox civilization will merely be studied by historians. Greece will cease to exist!”

26 / 01 / 2017

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Brian Hu:
Despite what Tahir thinks, Our Lord Jesus Christ supports nationalism. You cannot 'love' or 'embrace' foreigners who clearly want to conquer and destroy you no matter what happens. Those 'downtrodden refugees' might actually be enemy agents posing as them. The Golden Dawn's Kingdom of Greece are the only hope for the survival of Hellenism.
Tahir Ahmed Rana:
My dear Christian brothers, where are your Christian values of love and brotherhood? I only see prejudices, Hate and fear! ... instructions of any concern for those who escaped death from a war torn country essentially created by the western world on the Middle East.

If you are truly hold the values of Christ and not the values the devil, then surely you would act like Christ if he was amongst you !

These are nationalistic rhetoric not what Christ taught !.... he taught love and sacrifice, not prejudice and hate ! Surely if you practice these moral values, the refugees would embrace what is better that you you have to offer!

How can a down trodden people escaping death and destruction pose a danger to Greece ? .... nay!..... there is no danger from the refugees and Islam, but a great chance to build bridges over prejudice and fear!

We are only on earth for a short while, surely our return is to our lord in heaven and our action should be consistent with what our God in heaven expects of us, and what Christ would do in such circumstance!

Hold fast to the love of God and Christ so that you maybe distinguished and be accepted in the kingdom of God!
Theodore Ignatius:
Greece rejected Golden Dawn. Enjoy the reward.

You called those who warned you about the dangers of foreign immigration Phyletism heretics. Enjoy the reward.
david roslund:
Christians! Unite, Radicalize, Fight or Perish!

Drop all hope in Putin or any politician ...
Jim Rentas:
Russia is the Third Rome. It's about time for the Orthodox of Russia to rise up to the heavy and historic blessings, from the Church's point of view, bestowed upon them by the Grace of the Holy Spirit. The major problem with the Church at this time, because our hierarchy has dropped the ball, we are ecumenically leaderless. We have a consortium of bickering entities, and I use that term to be kind and Christian. And so, while we are in disarray, the wolves have entered and the shepherds have abdicated.
Russia, we need Orthodox leadership.
Kyrie Eleison
Mark Citadel:
God bless this holy man! The time has come to rise up! Christian civilization has been in slumber long enough! We must stop allowing the left wing to poison our minds and distort history. They are, in many ways, bigger enemies than the Islamic hordes. Every exit-road has been offered, every chance to repent scorned. Now is the time for ACTION!
Total disgrace this twisted ideology that is call Islam muslin faith is wrong if the world dosent unite and start saying no ,then the whole world is finished ,but the government's of Greece are in my opinion taking large back handers to allow building of mosque ,s we to in the UK are sick of this being allowed by corrupt councils ,are helping bring ruination to our way of life ,and our country ,Greece you must stand up get out of the Corrupt EU away from this dictatorship free you selves ,and get rid of these vile evil so call refugees not one of them is a true refugees ,men of Greece fight back
nick arras:
maybe greece should close the border !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keith kenward:
Catholics Orthodox,Church of England.Protestant, Mormon and Others.Either Unite or lobby your respective Parliaments to curb the Islamic Domination of you Countries.Now ???

joseph m kalodimos:
John Bonatakiz:
Maybe Greece needs some help from USA President Donald Trump!!!
Kevin :
Trying to get the Orthodox Church to reunite with the Western Latin church is not on. Every time someone tries that as a pre-condition to assistance the attitude is ' better to cope with Islam than Catholicism '. The governments are helping the countries culture's die. Why I don't know but they stand by idly, mostly all of them while something beautiful goes down the gutter. Very sad. All Western christians and ex-christians should support churches in this last struggle.
I respect the Catholics for the struggle for Irish liberty, but they are heretics. Look up the Inquisition, the Ustasa, etc.
Mary Horey: The Catholic church's schism from true Orthodoxy was the beginning point of Europe's atheism. That may be hard for you to swallow, but it's true. Therefore, until the Catholic church renounces its heresies and becomes humble once more, any reunification is out of the question.
Mary Horey:
Why do the Greeks vote in atheists? Also, the Orthodox should seriously consider reuniting with the Western Church. As Pope St. John Paul II said, the Church must breathe with both lungs. Only a united Church can resist and overcome militant Islam. Jesus prayed that His followers would be one, as He and the Father are One. It is past time to end the scandal of a Catholic Church and an Orthodox Church. The entire Church should be Catholic and Orthodox, and present a united witness to the World. The devil is a divider, and laughs at the division he has needlessly caused in the Church. The anathemas have been removed. God wills that His Church be ONE once more! Make history, and reunite with the Catholic Church. Shame the atheists, who mock the Church by saying, "They can't even reunite with each other."
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