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Ukrainian scientist experiments on prayers healing power

Moscow, February 16, 2017

A Ukrainian scientist recently wrapped up a fifteen year experiment on the power of prayer.

Dr. Michael Lazorik, the author of 166 patents and fifteen licenses was studying leukocytes from his student years and decided to investigate the effect of prayer on human blood, reports The Union of Orthodox Journalists. Analyzing volunteers’ venous and capillary blood before and after a fifteen minute period of prayer, Dr. Michael discovered that the blood had changed.

“I grew up in a believing family. The power of prayer was never in doubt, for faith is unprovable. However, as a scientist, I had to prove it in concrete studies. It is known that after prayer and Church hymns a person feels peace and spiritual relief. But what happens on a physical level? In particular, with our main liquidblood? This is what I began to study,” explains the scientist.

Participants varied by sex, education, social status and profession, and suffered from various diseases. Dr. Lazorik studied the blood of each participant beforehand, and then the subject, or a friend, would pray for fifteen minutes, saying the Our Father, the Creed, O Heavenly King, Psalm 50, prayers to saints, and so on. After the prayer he again analyzed the quantity and morphofunctional properties of the blood cells, and found that, “The blood became different on a cellular level!”

It was found that the blood of a man suffering from the bone disease of osteomyelitis contained six times less of one indicator of phagocytosisthe ingestion of bacteria or other material by phagocytes and amoeboid protozoansafter the fifteen minutes of prayer. “This first case at least confirmed that we are on the right path,” the doctor stated.

All further experiments showed the same: after prayer, the level of infection in the body fell, especially in acute phases of diseases. “Prayer is not just words. It is an oscillation of a specific frequency. It’s long proven that prayer changes the structure of water. Indeed, the phenomenon of water blessed at Theophany is not a myth, but a scientific fact,” the scientist declared.

The human body is almost eighty percent water, Dr. Lazorik noted. Therefore, by acting on water, prayer changes the human body on a cellular level when someone reads prayers to themselves, “and when it is pronounced or heard aloud, the ordered audial vibrations further act upon the human body, causing changes in blood indicators, reducing inflammation, with a healing effect.”

16 / 02 / 2017

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