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All charges dropped against metropolitan who criticized sodomy

Moscow, April 21, 2017

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The committee that had been investigating recent statements of Metropolitan Alexander of Mantineia and Kynouria has found that no crime was committed, reports AgionOros.ru.

The investigation was conducted against the hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Church after a number of complaints were received by various liberal human rights organizations regarding statements from the metropolitan on sodomy and the Greek government’s adoption of a law on free cohabitation.

In April 2016 the metropolitan of Mantineia spoke out sharply against the new law, saying, “Worst of all is that Parliament voted for laws which call perversion and depraved couplings of people of the same sex marriage.”

Speaking of sodomites, Vladyka said in particular: “They are an anomaly which is condemned by society and life itself. I feel bad for them. I pray for the Lord to forgive them and that they would repent and change themselves to become honest members of our society. The Church is guided by God’s law and natural order. No one who has some weaknesses should display them publicly without any shame.” According to the metropolitan, persons of untraditional orientation are sick and in need of healing. In response to a journalist’s question: “Are there active representatives of sexual minorities amongst the members of the Church?” Vladyka answered: “I don’t know, but if we do have them, we should distance ourselves from them.”

In September of last year, the metropolitan announced that he had received an official summons to appear and give testimony in court regarding his views and statements.

There is a movement within Greek legal channels to equate cohabitation, including of same-sex couples, with marriage, with punishments for those who “discriminate” against such couples of six months to three years imprisonment and a fine of 1,000 to 5,000 euros ($1,070 to $5,350).

Another Greek hierarch, Met. Nikolaos of Phthiotis also spoke out sharply against such actions: “Such destruction of the foundations, and this stench and perversion will finally destroy our society. Can social life really be built on lechery and an unnatural life? The Church will take on the work of informing and warning the people. We will tell you what they [the rulers] are preparing because they are preparing something else.”

Met. Alexander has received the support of his brother hierarchs, including Met. Seraphim of Piraeus, who stated that the bishop of Mantineia and Kynouria has “taken care of his diocese wisely, with prudence, and sacrificial love,” thus inspiring God’s people for many decades. He called the charges against Met. Alexander “utterly groundless and unfounded,” arguing that he simply “did his duty as a hierarch” in speaking out against sin and the attempted normalization of it.

Met. Jeremiah of Gortys also characterized the action against Met. Alexander as “disgraceful,” saying, “How have we come down to this? Instead of rising against disgraceful sodomy which disparages human dignity and public morals, a bishop of the Most High God is being summoned before a judge for calling things by their proper names We thank him for this excellent example of pastoral words. All of us, hierarchs and priests, should act in the same way. This is our pastoral mission, our duty. Therefore, the judicial proceedings against Metropolitan Alexander means that all of us hierarchs now stand trial.”

After several months, the investigative committee has made an official statement saying they found no reason to prosecute Metropolitan Alexander.

21 / 04 / 2017

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This is what happens when you serve mammon instead of God. Just as happened to Soviet Russia. The Motherland is in desperate need of a Putin-like PM to help dig her out of the mess she is in. Someone who actually loves God and country rather than the charlatans running this sorry charade
This is good news, since the liberals have been trying very hard to silence even the most moderate opposition to homosexual behavior.
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