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VIDEO: Georgian Orthodox Church rejects document on ecumenism drafted for the Great Council, 2016.

Source: Youtube

February 21, 2016

Following the session of the Holy Synod of the Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church held on February 16, 2016, His Holiness Ilia II, Patriarch and Catholicos of Tbilisi and All Georgia announced that the Synod has rejected the document "The relation of the Orthodox Church towards the rest of the Christian world" which was prepared for the upcoming Pan-Orthodox Council to be held in Crete in June 2016.

The Georgian Church has also complained about other documents.

At the Great Council the fourteen local Autocephalos Orthodox Churches will take part, and any document not receiving unanimous consent will be rejected.

"The Great and Holy Council is to be held in June ... Our Church will stay with the old calendar ... Our Church was, is and will be a guardian of Orthodoxy. The Georgian Orthodox Church rejects the document on ecumenism drafted for the Great Council. Our Church is that which has saved our country and our people. In the future our Church will stand as a guard for Orthodoxy."


24 / 02 / 2016

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Gerasimos Kambites Defrocked Priest M.Div, M.D. FRCPC:
Who- population depopulation, rfid chips? Concentration camps. Is it not enough that we the ordinary Orthodox treat one another as dog eating snakes; that we cannot for a moment cease from our passions that we d not weep for our sins, that we are adulterers and fornicators and unrepentant sodomites and teach such spiritual death to our children; that priests give seroms where they say NOTHING HAPPENS TO HOLY WATER WHEN WE PRAY OVER IT"; IS IT NOT ENOUGH THAT WE DO NOT BEGIN OURDAYS WITH RAYER AND END WITH PRAYER, THAT WE DO NOT PREPARE FOR MOST HOLY COMMUNION--"MAAMA I'M GOING TO LIVE ON MOUNT ATHOS" says the son. """EEEEEEEEEE," screams the mother I am going to kill myself." Now is the time; now is warfare, now is spiritual struggle. Death comes every day and we continue to pretend w live for long--oh Yes I am Orthodox, I go to yoga every week. etc etc. The council is an abomination. I swear the following is true. It was 1974. I was in Archbishop Iakavos' office. He was giving me money to g toSinai. "Despota" i asked. "Are you a free-mason." "Yes but I have not practiced it in 11 years." Did you demit? He shook his head. Oxi. Poor soul. I loved him dearly, but not his theology,the teachings of Chambesay. God forgive us all.Let us pray for one another
Nitulescu Marius:
This ecumenism (the falsely and heretical unification of the Orthodox Church and Catholic pseudo-Church, in fact neo-paganism) movement is only a small part of the plan of the New World Order that the Illuminati, the leaders of freemasonry, the ones that adore Lucifer and consider him as a "light"-carrier, are trying to implement. Their goals are the following:
1) mass-destruction of most of the world population, no more than 500 million of human inhabitants of the Earth by the means of biological, chemical and nuclear world war and as a result - world depopulation and legally controlled numbed of children one can have
2) unification of all religions in one one - the adoration of Lucifer - the devil and prohibition of anything else
3) destruction of all nation-states and only one world government and nation (the EU and NATO concepts are the prototypes of this)
4) only one world language and culture and prohibition of any other language or culture
5) unique world currency as an electronically stored one in Radio Frequency Identification (R.F.I.D.) chips placed in the front of the head or in the right arm of all followers of the devil that is the the sign of the beast clearly stated in the Revelation of Joan
Response to "Andrew" below -

If you come back and read this again, would you mind clarifying in some detail your position here? It sounds like you are saying that by rejecting this document on ecumenism, the Georgian Orthodox Church has "failed" to stand guard for Orthodoxy. I will admit that I am confused. HOW exactly is the Georgian Orthodox Church "failing to stand guard for Orthodoxy" by rejecting this document? Please forgive me, I do not seek to start an argument, but am genuinely perplexed by how you perceived this statement by the Georgian Church to be bad news.

I personally found this good news to be the best thing I have heard in many months. I see no reason, or need, for a council whatsoever. I wish the hierarchs would just cancel the whole thing. I sincerely hope that this document is off the table now, and with it, all talk of establishing or assigning ecclesiality to the heterodox communities.

This whole affair seems like a rather bold maneuver to subvert the Church from within - to prepare for, in my humble and hopefully mistaken opinion, an attempt to join the Catholics and Orthodox in the year 2054 (1,000 years after the great Schism, of course) - and I desperately hope, and will pray for, this bizarre and troubling matter to just be over with.
"Our church will stand guard for orthodoxy..."

... and yet just failed to do so.
J Clivas:
Right on, Your Holiness!
Ilia Kastrioti:
God bless Patriarch Ilia II !!!
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