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Representative of Constantinople does not believe Orthodox Church One

Source: Union of Orthodox Journalists

June 22, 2016

The Orthodox Church is not the “One Church of the Symbol of Faith”. This belief was announced by representative of the Constantinople Patriarchate Bishop Cyril (Catarellos) of Avida in an article posted at Romfea.gr.

Bishop Cyril believes that despite confession of the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”, it is not affirmed in the Orthodox patristic Tradition that the Orthodox Church is the One Church of the Creed.

According to the bishop of Avida, those who consider the "One Church" to be exclusively the Orthodox Church are misled. Based on the patristic and canonical Tradition, the “One Church” also includes other heterodox churches, believes the representative of the Constantinople Patriarchate.

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Union of Orthodox Journalists

22 / 06 / 2016

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michael jovanovich:
The ecumenists are telling us that most of what we learned about Orthodoxy, all of our lives, was FALSE. These evil people are reinventing our Church daily to the whims of the globalist, religious agenda of which they are the handmaidens. What now when millions will refuse to follow them?
Corey Robinson :
Is he also in favor of ordaining women, same sex marriage and giving the sacraments to unrepentant sinners who haven't been baptized and Chrismated into the church, because as the LGBT say, you have to take me this way because God made this way and God Is love, if you don't, you're a bigot and hater? Unity at the expense of the ancient faith isn't worth it. And just what was the One Holy, Catholic and apostolic church, if not the one that maintained the teachings of Christ and the apostles and the Holy Traditions and canonized the Bible. What church held the ecumenical councils and renounced heresies and anathematized those who preached the same gospels that the heterodox do? This man, Cyril preaches a different Gospel, which Paul warned us against.
As I read the Sermon on the Mount this morning and read these comments my heart grieves for those who do not love our Lord and Savior and what He says. Love your neighbor, the Samaritian, the Protestant, all disciples who love Him. Sadly I have found the Orthodox to be some of the most unloving. They read but do understand the Holy Word of God. Anyone who believes that there denomination (Orthodox) is the one and salvation only occurs there should read Matthew 7:21-23, there is a warning for you.
To HaralambosPetratos: Et tu! What do you have against Protestants? Maybe Jesus is there too? Perhaps someone should simply invent a device that detects the presence of Jesus, and just go around to different churches looking for Him. I would be quite shocked if He was detected in a Catholic church performing Clown Masses or other such outlandish abominations that, yes, unfortunately you will find in certain Catholic churches. I am not pointing fingers, but we Orthodox have been given much and are especially accountable for these gifts. We should be striving to acquire the gift of discernment, and not a false unity, which smacks of man-pleasing.
Very REV. Archpriest Yitzhak Pascual D Monsanto Jr.:
What a heresy!
Finally, someone willing to speak the truth and say what so many are thinking. Of course the orthodox stuck in the very distant past go ballistic and immediately denounce anything that does not agree with their own infallible opinion. As a life long practicing Greek orthodox christian,this bishop makes me very proud and hopeful they we can move out of our own very corrupt past(we are all sinners after all) and move to the unity that our Lord and saviour commands. The hysteria about the"heterodox" is mostly just confused nonsense. We don't have a very developed sense of the Euchraristic Lord so we miss the very OBVIOUS difference between those that have the real presence and those that dont! How any one can put catholic, coptic, etc. In the same category as blasphemous protestant ism is beyond logic. There is only ONE Lord and therefore only one church. Where the Lord is, there is the church. If one (such as catholic or c optic etc) has apostolic succession and valid sacraments and therefore the true and actual Lord then they are part of the church. You can not say they over there have Jesus but it's a different Jesus. We orthodox definitely believe in infallibility when it comes to ourselves and just about anyone as long as it's not you-know-who. It's time to deal in reality, realize that we are not the be all and end all and MOVE FORWARD.
The stage of the Church is such that theology and consistency of theology comes from the laity more than from the Hierarchy; and the degree of skepticism and trust amongst the laity has also increased concerning the religious.
Rdr Andreas Moran:
This heretic, which is what he is if the report is accurate, is serving those who pull the strings at Constantinople. Perhaps those at the Phanar remember the fate of Patriarch Maximos V.
Fr Paul:
There appears to be more than one school of thought as to what the 'One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church' is. For many I've spoken to, it is the universal Church of which many heterodox are part; including RCC, Anglican etc. but they can't quite account for Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Monophysites or Arians.

For others (of which I am one), it is specific to the Orthodox Church and the number is not large. As St Maximus the Confessor replied to those who questioned his unwillingness to commune with the Patriarchs of Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople and Jerusalem because of their acceptance of the Monothelyte heresy:The whole world may enter into communion with the patriarch, but I will not. The Apostle Paul tells us that the Holy Spirit anathematizes even angels who preach a new Gospel and introduce novel teachings.
Dimitra Dwelley:
It's pure heresy! The "Great Council" should reject this heretical view and anathematize it.
. you don't know nothing dear bishop about the history and clearly your interest is within your pockets and not the truth that it should be. Is this how Constantinople Patriarchy kneels before the Heretics? I myself as a devout Orthodox think that the best thing would be a theological debate against the heretics not knowledging them that they are right in their way. There are not multiple paths for salvation there is only one and that one was given by God to us through his Son so that you may guide the people to the truth not mislead them or use it like the Protestant do to enslave their minds with lies. With respect, the Truth.
Dear bishop,
My name does not matter but I have something to say even though he's not gonna read it. I suggest you take extra lesson of theology and go and re-educate yourself from your stupid ideology. I believe I am not misled due to the fact that through books, reading and my local church and the ORTHODOX CREED even says ONE HOLY AND APOSTOLIC OR CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH depending on the parish. You clearly don't know all the tradition even if I don't know it myself holy but in my soul the only church is the Orthodox... and after 1k year you a random ecumenist come and say this kind of thing that that poor Bishop from Ephesos fought against or Pothius and other bishops, you are making yourself ashamed. Remember that the Catholic church left the communion due to their greediness for power, control and wealth and misguidance of the Pope and many Orthodoxes dies because of them. It was fortunate that the turks conquered Constantinople then because it saved the faith from the heterodox union with vile Rome..
Fr Nicholas Young:
I do not understand how this man can carry on being a bishop of a church he considers 'incomplete'.
Which heterodox belong to the Church I wonder?
The Presbyterians? (God love them!)
This is blatant heresy! If this is a proper translation, this bishop and all who agree with him, should be defrocked and deposed (including the EP). Thank God that many holy Churches did not attend this Robber Council. I see massive schism as a result.

St Mark of Ephesus pray for us!
Maxime Lesage:
Ok - so if we are all the same why don't we let Roman Catholics partake into the communion.

Do we believe the extreme stream of Protestants to be sharing the same faith as us? Some of them do not even worship the holy trinity?

What is the point here? Is Constantinople going rogue?
Bishop Cyril, you speak heresy. Bring forth your witnesses the life of God the Holy Spirit, The3 teachings of the Holy Fathers and the holy scriptures. AND PUBLICALLY DENOUNCE FREEMASONRY.
Daniel Smith:
He is not a bishop, but a heretic. All his priests should abandon him.
At least he's honest. The next thing should be to place him and others serving the Phanar who uphold heresy under penitence and forbidden to only so much as open their mouths in respect of any ecclesiastical matters. Should they refuse - defrock and anathemitise as a warning to all
Finally!! They are slowly beginning to expose their anti-orthodox spirit very clearly. Let's see where this lead. This man speaks on behalf of the EP and echoes P. Bartholemews beliefs. God deliver us all from these bishops and their false teachings.
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