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25 / 01 / 2012


    Milos Supica:
    My name is Milos Supica, founder of Save Serbian Children in California. I've been helping the Serbian Nation since 1994 because of the war. You could check small parts of what I've done on my website I'm so sad when I read something like what you have here, helping 9 or 10 children, sending 30 packages to help children in Kosovo. In my personal opinion, you should never advertise something like that, it makes our people look cheap. I would understand if you were helping 9000 children, sending several containers of help, but not something like this. Can't you find in Germany some Serbs in the churches to help? Aren't there any Serbs that believe in God and want to help, or they're just thinking about entertainment and food for themselves? I really apologize for sending you this comment, but it bothers me when I see some Serbs advertising something like taking a suitcase of help and thinking they are really helping. I hope not too many people read this, because it really makes us look cheap.

    Milos Supica, Save Serbian Children

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