Believers see Cross in sky, Crucifix streams myrrh during prayers outside Ukrainian Parliament

Moscow, May 19, 2017

Photo: Union of Orthodox Journalists Photo: Union of Orthodox Journalists
Around 10,000 faithful Ukrainians gathered outside the Verkhovna Rada yesterday to prayerfully protest bills No. 4128 and 4511, which threatened to forbid and seize the churches of the Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, as it is centered in a state deemed an “aggressor” by the Ukrainian government, and which were on the day’s parliamentary agenda.

Multiple reports of miracles occurring during their prayers have arisen from the thousands who gathered from around the country at 8 AM in their capital city to make their voices heard and to protect the canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine, reports the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

Several eyewitnesses and a correspondent of the Union of Orthodox Journalists present at the rally have reported seeing a Cross appear in the sky above the square where they were gathered.

Photo: Union of Orthodox Journalists Photo: Union of Orthodox Journalists

Many of the faithful brought icons, banners, and crucifixes to the event, and there have been several eyewitnesses, again including a correspondent of the Union of Orthodox Journalists, who saw one crucifix streaming myrrh as the faithful prayed.

In the end, following petitions that gathered over 300,000 names, and the rally 10,000 strong, the Verkhovna Rada announced that it did not have enough votes to adopt the controversial bills and so removed them from the agenda.

19 мая 2017 г.

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