Greek Church condemns martial arts in schools as draws kids into the Occult


January 27, 2016


The Glyfada Archdiocese released a statement that maintains that martial arts sports based on Eastern philosophy are a spiritual threat to Christians. The message came following the introduction of jiu-jitsu lessons at a number of primary schools of Greece.


“Following information we received concerning the approval of martial arts (lessons) licensed entry – specifically Jujutsu – at a number of primary schools around Greece through a specific document by the Ministry of Education, we would like to express our objection,” begins the statement that claims that jiu-jitsu, karate and all martial arts go against Christianity as they are based on the Eastern philosophies of Taoism and Zen Buddhism, hence they come in “direct conflict with the Orthodox Christian message of love.”

Glyfada’s Bishop Pavlos is worried that the young schoolchildren will be directly influenced by these practices and hence would be lead to the occult. The criticism of martial arts comes following a similar condemnation of yoga over summer.

27 января 2016 г.

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Храм Новомученников Церкви Русской. Внести лепту
Wellesley Martial Arts25 октября 2016, 18:00
But it's just for self-defense. Not to harm other's but to protect love ones
Igetei james21 июня 2016, 19:00
Pplease i want all church hierarchs in greece to understand that there is difference between learning martial art as a sport or self defence and being willing to study its metaphysical aspects or spiritual aspects. I am an orthodox priest and my karate instructor always prayed his rosary as a roman Catholic whenever we did meditation breathing exercises: and he repeatedly told everyone to pray at that moment irrespective of the religion; we had Muslims,Christians and Krishnan (hare Krishnan) there. Pls lets take this correction.
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