Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church to appear before court for sharp remarks concerning sodomy


September 25, 2016


Metropolitan Alexandros of Mantineia and Kynouria has reported that he received an official summons and will soon appear in court for his statements regarding representatives of sexual minorities.

Vladyka reported that he is obliged to give testimony before Tuesday September 27.

In April 2016 the metropolitan of Mantineia spoke out sharply against Greek Parliament’s adopting of the law on free cohabitation: “Worst of all is that Parliament voted for laws which call perversion and depraved couplings of people of the same sex marriage.”

Speaking of sodomites, Vladyka said in particular: “They are an anomaly which is condemned by society and life itself. I feel bad for them. I pray for the Lord to forgive them and that they would repent and change themselves to become honest members of our society. The Church is guided by God’s law and natural order. No one who has some weaknesses should display them publicly without any shame.” According to the metropolitan, persons of untraditional orientation are sick and in need of healing. In response to a journalist’s question: “Are there active representatives of sexual minorities amongst the members of the Church?” Vladyka answered: “I don’t know, but if we do have them, we should distance ourselves from them.”

Translated by Jesse Dominick

26 сентября 2016 г.

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Храм Новомученников Церкви Русской. Внести лепту
Eliyah 6 декабря 2016, 22:00
A real witness of the faith against the depravity of this corrupt government. Bless be this bishop who has the courage to be a real bishop!! Thank you Anthony!
Anthony26 сентября 2016, 20:00
St Kosmas Aitolos prophesied this period in Greece when he said ''there will come a time when you have a government, but it will be as though you had none.'' These are nothing but foreign-controlled puppets who are attacking Greece from within - they have sold her to foreign interests, plundered her, and now the final blow in their attack on the Church. It all depends on the Greek people and their repentance as to whether or not they pull through. God sends leaders according to the disposition of a nation. May God help Pater Alexandros - anyone reading this, please add him to your prayers, and have him prayed for in your local Church. The power of prayer does so much to help those in need during turbulent times.
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