Metropolitan of Veroia: Law allowing abortion is destroying mankind

Athens, October 15, 2016


Metropolitan Panteleimon of the Greek Orthodox Church spoke to the film crew of about his stance towards the initiative to ban abortion in Russia.

“Regarding the law allowing abortion—this law is destroying mankind. Our Local Church, and every Church of Christ has always stood against the legalization of abortion. And although the government has legalized abortion, we do not believe it is legitimate. We honor the law of God, and according to the law of God, abortion is murder. Inasmuch as this action is murder, it destroys human life, and the Church stands against it. The Church always clearly expresses its position, and can do so in every homily. But, unfortunately, these laws, especially those which have come to us from the West, ruin our people. Abortion is condemned by the fathers of the Church and is condemned by Church canons. But firstly, it is condemned by God. But despite the Church’s ban, unfortunately, a law allowing abortion was passed. May God grant that one day this law here and in Russia would be abolished. And, truly, abortion is not just a spiritual sin, but it is the destruction of the state itself, which is weakened by it. Therefore in Greece, as many believe, within a few years there will be only the elderly, and the young will be quite few, because there are so many abortions. They kill thousands and thousands of people, like in war.”

Translated by Jesse Dominick

15 октября 2016 г.

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