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Pre-war Syria: Peaceful Life and Holy Places. A photo gallery

Photographer Vasily Nesterenko visited Syria in 2010, shortly before the beginning of the warfare that has literally devastated and destroyed this wonderful country. According to those who have visited that country before 2011, the Christian and Muslim communities in pre-war Syria coexisted peacefully, and the Christian community mostly consisted of Orthodox Christians. Vasily visited the cities of Damascus, Holms, Bosra, the famous Krak des Chevaliers Castle of the Knights Templar, venerated holy shrines of the Orthodox monastic communities on Cherubim Mountain, the “Saidnaya” icon of the Mother of God, and the much-suffering St. Thecla’s Convent in Ma'loula. He photographed the site believed to be where Jesus Christ appeared to the Apostle Paul in Kaukab, took pictures of the interior of the St. George’s Basilica in the town of Izra, and of other wonderful places.

We believe that the following photo gallery will show the long-suffering Syrian land from a different side little known to majority of our readers—as a Christian land in which our brothers and sisters in faith have prayed for past 2000 years.

Photos by Vasily Nesterenko / Pravoslavie.ru

Translation by Dmitry Lapa

Sketches of Damascus

The Krak des Chevaliers Castle of the Knights Templar

Bosra, amphitheater in the old city

Damascus, the Chapel of St. John the Baptist within the Umayyad Mosque

Kaukab, the site where the Savior first appeared to Saul, future Apostle Paul

Izra, the Church of Greatmartyr George the Victory-Bearer

Homs, the Church of the Girdle of the Mother of God

The Monastery of the Holy Prophet Elias near Saidnaya

Saidnaya, the Convent in honor of the “Our Lady of Saidnaya” Icon

The monastery on the Cherubim Mountain

Ma’loula, the Convent of St. Thecla, Equal-to-the-Apostles

Комментарии читателей
George, You are absolutely wrong!
Theese photoes were taken in 2010. That time Syria was a very good and peaceful country where there were many orthodox christian. But then USA began war against Assad and the terrorists supported by USA destroyed MOST OF CHRISTIAN CITIES in Syria. That was done not by Assad troops but by muslim terrorists supported by Obama.
Beautifull country..and yes, Christians and Moslims can live together in harmony...but....is it really Assad who did this ?
Yes, the Assad regime has done terrible things to the people of Syria.
Sally Iloff:
Yes it is the place where the Christianity started not as a sect but as global faith my dear friend!
This is where christianity started. This is a christian land.
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