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The New Martyrs in Bronze

In 2017, the 100-year anniversary of the revolution in Russia that had such tragic consequences for the Russian Orthodox Church, a new cathedral will be consecrated in Sretensky Monastery, dedicated to the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, “On the Blood, on Lubyanka”—so called because of the martyrs who died here at the hands of the KGB.

The Moscow sculptors Vitaly Shanov and his wife Darya Uspenskaya are working on the cathedral doors. These doors will consist of a large poured bronze bas-relief, filled from edge to edge with ornamental figures, saints, angels, and text. This bold artistic design, based on known iconographic traditions, is a unique approach. Photojournalist for the Russian site Pravoslavie.ru Anatoly Goryanov covered the final stretch of this long and laborious process.

Preparing the molds

Casting the bronze

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Rev. Paul Patitsas:
Vitaly and his wife Darya are creating a thing of such beauty that no one who sees it will remain unmoved. How appropriate this "celebration" of the one hundred years since the revolution which took the lives and innocence of so many. From the depths of our pain will always spring forth transfiguring beauty. God bless their hands and their vision.
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