Orthodox Tours Announces September U.S. Pilgrimage to Sites of Early Anglo-Saxon Church

"In the Footsteps of the Forgotten English Saints" September 6 – 18, 2010

Orthodox Tours announces its pilgrimage to holy places of the early Anglo-Saxon Church, which is schedules for September:

"In the Footsteps of the Forgotten English Saints" is a pilgrimage to the shrines of the early English saints that will also include visits to the most important historical and monastic sites of the early English (Anglo-Saxon) Church. Our pilgrimage offers a rare glimpse into the often misunderstood and marginalized history of the unique development of Christianity on the British Isles. During our pilgrimage we will visit many unique places, among them traditional pilgrim destinations at St. Alban's, Canterbury, and Lindisfarne, the cities of London, Winchester, York and Durham, the painted churches of the southern English counties and countless other sites and monuments scattered throughout the provinces from the English Channel to the Scottish border. We will be accompanied by Dr. Paul Cavill, Professor of Old English Literature at the University at Nottingham and author of several books on Anglo-Saxon Christianity. The cost of this two-week, largely all-inclusive religious tour is 3000 USD per person, based on double occupancy in a group of 25 people. The price might change based on the actual exchange rate or number of participants.

For more information, please visit the website: www.orthodoxtours.com or contact Fr. Ilya Gotlinsky at ortours@gmail.com / 607-797-1085

19 июля 2010 г.

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