Engin Ardic Criticizes Fall of Constantinople Festivities in Turkish Newspaper Sabah

In an impressively straight forward article published in the Turkish newspaper Sabah, Engin Ardic, a well known author and journalist, castigated the way celebrations are held in Turkey for the Fall of Constantinople on May 29, 1453.

The author points out a number of facts that apparently were kept as sealed secrets for decades by the Turkish regime. Some of the most poignant are:

“Compatriots, stop already all the festivities about the Fall, we have given Anatolia enough violence as it is…

If there was to be a convention in Athens about: ‘we will take back Constantinople…’

If the Greeks were to depict Agia Sophia with a cross on it…how would we feel about that?

We would not like it at all, in fact we would provoke a diplomatic incident.

So, why do you keep on with the festivities every year?

Is that not a way of making a clear declaration: ‘these grounds were not ours, we have conquered them using violence.’

All of Anatolia is conquered with the use of violence.

Instead of being proud of the cities we have conquered, let us be proud of those that we have founded, if any… But there are not.’’

Greek Reporter

9 февраля 2012 г.

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