“St. George Greek Orthodox Church Needed a New Building”, says Contractor S. Tsivicos

New Jersey, April 2, 2012

St. George Orthodox Church has been in Asbury Park since 1949. It was founded by immigrants in 1929, so that they can call this city their new home.

On April 1, St. George got sprinkled by basil and holy water by Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey. The new building, according to what one of its constructors Savas Tsivicos says, “was a dream of a whole generation”.

“We will always keep Asbury in our hearts but our needs couldn’t be met in our old complex”, stresses the ex-church president and member of the building committee, S. Tsivicos.

The whole project was first discussed in 1984, when the parishioners mentioned they needed a bigger parking lot, since about 1000 families go to this church. This piece of land was bought in 1996, but the final building, decorated in typical Byzantine style, was not constructed until 2012. On the contrary, the old Asbury Park Church was of a Basilican shape.

According to Tsivicos, “the new church can serve as a beacon for orthodoxy and Hellenism”.

“Our church is the center of our culture and community”, says Tsivicos. And this is probably true, if we take into account that the church complex includes a gymnasium and a cultural center, as well.

Greek Reporter

2 апреля 2012 г.

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