Fides reports rebel Islamists killing Christians in Syria

Rome, July 23, 2012

The Fides news agency has reported on groups of rebel extremist Islamists "terrorising people in Damascus" especially Chrstians and Iraqi refugees. Fides has also reported the murder of an entire Christian family by militiamen from the "Islam Brigade", "Liwa al-Islam", the same group that claimed responsibility for the attack on Bashar al-Assad regime's hierarchy. According to the news agency, which is quoting sources in Damascus, these militias stopped the car of a Christian, a civilian state official called Nabil Zoreb, and forced the man, his wife Violet and his two children, George and Jimmy, to get out of the car and then shot them all at point blank range. In the south-eastern part of Damascus, Islamist fighters from the Jihad al Nosra group, close to the Muslim Brotherhood, attacked the homes of Iraqi refugees, looting and burning down the houses, obliging the residents to flee. . .

23 июля 2012 г.

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