Another anti-Muslim demonstration in Munich

Munich, July 12, 2013

On July 9, another demonstration against the building of a new Muslim center in the Bavarian capital took place in Munich, reports, citing Pi-news.

Also, a collection of signatures was arranged for holding a referendum concerning the reasonability of constructing the Muslim center with a Mosque.

The organizers of the march-protest displayed a poster with photographs of Muslim criminals in Germany with accounts of their crimes. However, on direction of the state prosecutor the poster with photographs of Muslims was removed by the police because "they may provoke aggression".

At the same time, photographs of the rally's organizer, Michael Störzenberger, have been hung over the city with inscriptions: "Beware: islamophobia". Furthermore, since May this year, Störzenberger's photograph has been displayed by special monitors in the Munich underground with the call to oppose "islamophobes".

Since 2012, Störzenberger has been collecting signatures for holding a referendum. Earlier there were reports that the "Die Freiheit" ("The freedom") movement and the Politically Incorrect website, both headed by him, would be banned. According to the Ministry of internal affairs in Bavaria, they were spreading "anti-Muslim propaganda and fomenting islamophobia".

Other organizers of the protest have also been subjected to criminal prosecution and discrediting. Maria Frank, the leader of the organization "Association for the future of Germany", was convicted in February 2013 for her protest against construction of the Muslim center.

16 июля 2013 г.

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