An Icon of the Mother of God is streaming myrrh in a Turkish family in Paris

Paris, March 3, 2015

Many years ago a couple from Turkey (namely Antakya, Hatai) came to live in Paris. There they found jobs and settled in a suburb of Paris. Their names are Esat and Sevin Altindagoglu.


In their Paris home one can always see many guests not only from France but from abroad as well. All of them come to see an icon which head of the family calls “a miracle.” The Orthodox icon of Holy Theotokos of the Byzantine period that the family obtained in Antakya and brought with them to Paris began shedding tears, reports the Greek Romfea portal.

According to the Altindagoglus, the icon was given them in 2006 by a Greek monk from Libya. As soon as they received this icon they felt its great holiness and an unexplainable atmosphere of peace has reigned in their home since then.


When they moved to Paris they took this venerated icon with them. When the icon was placed in a separate room in the new house it at once started weeping, according to the couple’s evidence. The news speedily spread not only among Turks, but also among Christians.

The icon, “All-holy Virgin,” as the Turkish family called it, soon became an object of veneration and a source of miracles.

The news of the new icon spread literally all over the world and now pilgrims from such countries as Germany and Belgium are coming to venerate the Mother of God.


Esat Altindagoglu relates that not long ago a young married lady visited them: she could not conceive a child for a long time, so she grieved very much and her marriage was on the brink of divorce.

The woman on her knees prayed before the icon of the Mother of God a long time and after a few days she called the Altindagoglus and with tears told the couple that a miracle had happened – she already was expecting a child!


The portal writes that especially for sceptics it provides photographs of the wonder-working icon of Holy Theotokos inside the Turkish family’s house in Paris as well as a photograph of article in a Turkish newspaper with the distinctive heading: a Miracle of the Mother of God in the House of One Turk.

6 марта 2015 г.

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Mulipola Peato Mikaele11 марта 2015, 22:00
Miracles happen everywhere in the world. This is to let the doubt believe and the believers to boost faith and continue to pray to the Theotokos [Mother of God]for the conversion of the world with hardened hearts.
GretchenJoanna11 марта 2015, 04:00
I don't understand this phrasing "The news speedily spread not only among Turks, but also among Christians." Presumably the owners of the icon, and likely any other Turks who are blessed by venerating it, are Christians.
amal fayad10 марта 2015, 10:00
I am going to France in May I would love to visit this house where the icon is please could you inform me of an address
Orthodox Handmaiden 7 марта 2015, 21:00
We need to pray for the safety of the Orthodox in Libya. The 21 coptic men were slaughtered there, let's pray this monk is safe and protected. Why now is this icon streaming?
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