Famed Russian explorer shown Ark of Covenant

Fyodor Konukhov. Photo by RIA Novosti Fyodor Konukhov. Photo by RIA Novosti
The world-famous Russian traveler and explorer Fyodor Konyukhov has become the first European to see the Ark of the Covenant where the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments communicated to Moses by God on Mount Sinai are believed to have been put.

The Ark is in an Orthodox church in Axum, the ancient capital of Ethiopia. Konykhov, who arrived in Africa at the request of the Ethiopian government to map out new tourist routes, has struck a deal with the authorities for the construction of an Orthodox Church of St. George-the-Victor in Addis Ababa.

An extensive traveler, he has made six solo yacht trips round the globe, climbed the Earth’s highest peaks, reached the North and South poles and circumnavigated Antarctica, before being ordained an Orthodox deacon a few months ago.  

Voice of Russia

28 августа 2010 г.

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