Scientology Amsterdam Use "Doomsday" to Boost Gold Investment Scheme


Gold Trader and former stock analyst Willem Middelkoop has competition.

Prominent members of the Church of Scientology of Amsterdam have dived into the same niche in the market as he has: launching economic doomsday scenarios in conjunction with selling gold.

Two senior Scientology officials, Manuel Nugteren en Joop van der Linde, operate within an opaque organization that — via the internet — attempts to interest individuals in investing in gold. These potential investors are told that economic collapse is imminent, and that gold is the only safe investment.

Meetings by the name of ‘Freedom Events’ are organized at hotels across the country. Per event some hundred interested parties are invited. Recent events were held at hotel De Witte Bergen in Hilversum and conference center Koningshof in Veldhoven. These events are not free; participants pay a fee.

Sources say Nugteren and Van der Linden are tasked with pulling doubters across the line, encouraging them to invest as much money as possible with the network.

Manuel Nugteren has also appeared in online promotional videos for the gold network.

The Switzerland-based KBEdelmetall plays a central role.

Religion News Blog

13 августа 2010 г.

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