Clergy of Lutheran Church in Estonia demand that Pastors are forbidden to be Masons

Tallinn, March 5, 2013

St Mary's Cathedral, Tallinn St Mary's Cathedral, Tallinn
Thirty clerics of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church have addressed the Church administration with the request "to forbid priests to enter the organization of masons because "it does not correspond to their holy calling" and "causes a lot of misunderstanding among both clergy and laity, and provokes rejection and prejudices in the Estonian society on the whole".

In their open letter to the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, the representatives of the clergy note that informal relations and links must not hamper pastoral work, reports the Delfi portal.

Recently, a Tallinn Provost, Jaan Tammsalu has confessed that he is a Mason and said that he thinks the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church does not see anything wrong with this.

"The stand of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church on this subject is that all clerics of this Church obey the order determined by the service oath and the Church codex," said Arho Tuhkru from the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church consistory, adding that there is no reason to doubt that Jaan Tammsalu worked as a Church teacher and Provost according to the Church order.

6 марта 2013 г.

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