Electronic catalogue of Patriarch Pavle's private library being prepared in Serbia

Belgrad, June 4, 2013

The National Serbian library has started processing the immensely valuable collection of books from the private library of Patriarch Pavle that numbers about 8,000 titles, reports InSerbia.Info. Most of these books were given by their authors to his Holiness.

These books as well as 7,000 others from the private collection of the 44th Patriarch of Serbia, have been given to the experts from the National Serbian library for digitization and publication of the electronic catalogue, which is scheduled for August 2014.

At this time, over 1,000 books have been processed; the majority of them are monographs in Serbian.

After completion of the work, the electronic catalogue will be published on the National Serbian library's official website. At the present stage, information on already digitized books with dedications is available on that site. After this process the entire library of Patriarch Pavle will be returned to the Rakovica Monastery's memorial hall in Belgrad.

5 июня 2013 г.

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