Metropolitan Amphilohije: "NATO bombings are a continuation of fascism"

Cetinje, March 30, 2014


In the days when the whole Serbian Church commemorates victims of barbaric bombings during the NATO attack of Yugoslavia in 1999, Metropolitan Amphilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral performed a memorial service at the Cetinje Monastery. Praying for repose of the souls of all innocent victims on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro, the hierarch called the NATO aggression an awful crime, committed in the very heart of Europe:

"European peoples, once Christian, marked the second millennium of their Christian history by these bombings of Holy lands, Christian shrines, especially of Kosovo and Metohija. This is a sign that will be remembered by generations and that will serve as a measure of everything that happened late in the 20th to early 21st centuries," said Metropolitan Amphilohije.

In the hierarch’s view, the godless tyranny is continuing its violence towards Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, and in recent times the godless tyranny has been sinking its tentacles to Europe.

The hierarch has compared the NATO aggression with medieval crusades, which, proclaiming their struggle for the truth and liberation, indeed destroyed the eastern Christian Byzantine Empire, desecrated Holy Sophia and ended up by insolently plundering Christian shrines.

Montenegro, 1999 Montenegro, 1999

"The godless and tyrannical bombings and NATO violence is a continuation of Nazism and fascism of the 20th century. Hitler too was building a new world order and thus shed the blood of millions of people in Europe, Asia, Africa," stressed the hierarch.

"If what happened with us in 1999 and what is happening now in the spacious territories of Asia and other places is the NATO's aim, then the building of the new world order is in many ways similar to previous godless orders," noted the Metropolitan.


According to Metropolitan Amphilohije, most surprising is the fact that those people whose ancestors struggled against Hitler's tyranny and violence, particularly in Montenegro, are currently struggling to become cogs in the tyrannical and godless machine of NATO.

Fifteen years ago, NATO barbarically bombed Serbia and Montenegro and as a result the civilian peaceful population mostly became victims.

At the present time, the political leaders of Montenegro are waging an intensive propaganda campaign, declaring entry into NATO as one of first priorities.

31 марта 2014 г.

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