Meeting of Deputy Secretary-General of NATO with Philaret (Denisenko) will not promote peace, Russia's Ministry for Foreign Affairs believes

Moscow, April 28, 2015

Official representative of the Russian Federation’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs Alexander Lukashevich has commented on the meeting of the First Deputy Secretary-General of NATO Alexander Vershbow with head of “the Kyiv Patriarchate’s” schismatic Philaret (Denisenko), a message on the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s official website reads. This meeting took place on April 22 at the NATO’s headquarters.


“Moscow has noticed the recent media reports on the meeting of the NATO’s First Deputy Secretary-General A. Vershbow with the so-called primate of the uncanonical “Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiyv Patriarchate”.

“It seems that the alliance, realizing the utter futility of the “traditional” steps taken by the bloc in order to stir up the massive anti-Russian propaganda, is ready to overstep any moral and ethic principles, even intruding upon the spiritual sphere and shamelessly trying to cash in on the feelings of believers. At the same time the objectively existing religious and confessional reality is being openly ignored”.

“Does NATO really not understand that the very fact of holding of such a meeting, to say nothing of its militaristic content, not only does not make for settling of the present conflict and finding of common ground inside the Ukrainian society which is now split, but may also become a “a delayed-action mine” under the process of the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis based on genuine national dialogue and reconciliation?” the comment by A. Lukashevich reads.

29 апреля 2015 г.

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