New Polish president brings hope to pro-life and pro-family cause

Warsaw, June 4, 2015


The results of Poland’s latest presidential election were met with great cheer by the nation’s conservatives but with skepticism by the broader EU community outside the strongly conservative Poland, reports LifeSiteNews.

Despite his backing by the mainstream media and the ruling Civic Platform Party, incumbent Bronislaw Komorowski suffered a major defeat at the hands of the Catholic Andrezj Duda who represents the socially conservative Law and Justice Party. At 43 he has become one of the youngest presidents in the world, bringing with him hope for a positive change.

Whereas Komorowski stood against traditional family, gender, and pro-life values, president-elect Duda boasts a decidedly more conservatively-Christian record. He strongly opposed the heightened influence of the feminist and homosexual lobby, and medicinal research involving the destruction of human embryos, has spoken against in vitro fertilization and has stated that Poland is ready for a total ban on abortions. As president, Duda’s veto power stands to block the American and EU-backed Polish abortion lobby from gaining any headway.

While many Poles are optimistic about their future under their new president, the international press has responded characteristically with anti-conservative and anti-Catholic rhetoric, worrying about the supposed threat of a nationalist anti-EU Poland. However, as Wojciech Cejrowksi, a best-selling Polish author and conservative star noted, Duda’s election took place on the holy day of Pentecost and his swearing in will take place on the great feast of Christ’s Transfiguration, “there is hope for support from on High.”

4 июня 2015 г.

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