Flooded Orthodox Monastery in Thailand urgently needs help

Ratchaburi, November 11, 2013


According to the reports of the monks from the Dormition Monastic community in Ratchaburi, at night before November 9, as a result of an abnormal, extremely heavy rain for this season in Thailand caused by the typhoon that swept over some countries of the region of the South-West Asia, the water level has risen dramatically in the reservoir situated in the immediate vicinity of the Monastery, as well as in the offtakes (branch ducts).

The water burst its banks and within minutes flooded the whole adjacent area. The territory of the Monastic community in Ratchaburi was entirely flooded as well. The depth of flooding has reached 70 centimeters. Although the downpour has stopped, the level of flooding is still rising. There is currently no real threat to the church, cells and domestic buildings of the Monastery so far, because the whole complex was built with allowance for possible floods.


There is considerable obvious cosmetic damage to the buildings, and the communication systems, including sewage, are not functioning. The electricity is disconnected.

There is a real danger of loss of the Monastic garden, lawns, shrubs and several species of trees for which abundant moisture may prove fatal. The brothers took special care about this garden, which always pleased pilgrims with its beauty and well-attended look.

According to Archimandrite Oleg (Cherepanin), the monks, novices, and workers of the Monastery are doing all their best to improve the situation. Some of the Monastery workers from Russia who are temporarily living in the community have voluntarily postponed their departure and will be staying in Ratchapuri until the recovery after the disaster is achieved.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church (Patriarchate of Moscow) in the kingdom of Thailand is also calling upon the Orthodox believers in the region and all those who care about the establishment of Orthodoxy in the region of South-West Asia to support financially the monastic community in Ratchapuri and to transmit donations to the account of the Foundation of the Orthodox Church in Thailand with indication of one's specific purpose of donation, as the sources of the foundation itself are extremely limited due to extensive construction work on new Orthodox churches in Thailand and Cambodia.

Bank details in Thailand for Church donations:


Bank Acc. 130-219314-9




Bank address: 9 Rutchadapisek Rd., Jatujak, Bangkok, 10900

( for Ratchaburi)


14 ноября 2013 г.

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