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[Встреча с Православием / Святые и святыни]
Монахиня Корнилия (Рис)
Молодой человек проснулся в мусорном контейнере на следующее утро. Это было поистине ужасное пробуждение.
[Интернет-журнал / Культура]
Александр Моторин
Поэт понял: все люди – «узники», «со-узники» в своей жизни. Зло, равно как и добро, не в самих узах, а в том, ради чего этими узами люди связываются.
[Встреча с Православием / Жизнь Церкви]
Людмила Ларкина
«Внутренняя молитвенность должна соединиться с техникой – это главное в звонарном искусстве», – считает Владимир Петровский. Под его руководством искусство колокольного звона осваивали в австралийском Брисбене.
[Встреча с Православием / Жизнь Церкви]
Михаил Шахов
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[Homilies and Spiritual Instruction]
But what is that beauty? Not simply art, no matter how well executed or in what medium. Indeed, we can become tearful at the sight of graceful dancers or upon hearing a brilliant pianist play Chopin, and we know intuitively that there is something generically spiritual going on. But surely Dostoevsky could not have meant that the world is saved, redeemed, made holy, brought to fulfillment by the sheer invention or discovery of beauty. Something more must have been on his mind and heart.
The original recommendation signed by more than 100 members of Congress called for the FBI to add Sikh, Hindu and Arab hate crimes to the data collected under the agency’s crime reporting program. The program now tracks religious hate crimes against Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and atheists/agnostics.
The first Orthodox Church is being built in Pakistan. The faithful are hoping that construction of the Church will be completed in October of this year.
The 15th-century Church of St. John the Merciful in the Russian town of Novgorod which is under UNESCO protection has been desecrated by vandals
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said he urged to develop religious tourism in the Russian-Greek relations.
[Coming to Orthodoxy]
Peter Davydov
“If that Chavchavadze again gives you any sweet rolls, children, bear in mind that he is only doing it to drag you into church! But you, the young pioneers of Vologda, say to him: ‘We may be your classmates, but we do not speak to those who are not pioneers!’...”