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[Встреча с Православием / Жизнь Церкви]
О том, неизбежно ли «пастырское выгорание» и как с ним справляться, об идеале и реалиях жизни, как сказывается кризис семьи на пастырстве и с каким устроением должно идти в священники.
[Встреча с Православием / Проповеди]
Святейший Патриарх Московский и всея Руси Кирилл
В Церкви история не умирает. В Церкви герои, которых мы называем святыми, актуализируются, мы чувствуем их силу, их присутствие.
[Встреча с Православием / Жизнь Церкви]
Архимандрит Андрей (Конанос)
«Я так хочу, мне так нравится, я не буду меняться» — это мышление сатанинское.
[Встреча с Православием / Жизнь Церкви]
О том, почему на мемориальном кладбище в Осло стоит русская церковь, кого крестил новгородец Трифон, стоит ли верить газетным «сенсациям» и чем датская принцесса Дагмар помогла норвежскому Православию.
[Встреча с Православием / Апологетика]
Александр Дворкин
О том, почему убийства при «изгнании бесов» регулярны в неопятидесятнических сектах, как они связаны с их идеологией и почему неопятидесятничество нельзя относить к протестантизму.

Мониторинг СМИ

Священник Димитрий Фетисов
Причащаю новокрещеного малыша, а его папа, к слову, прошедший катехизацию, добродушно улыбаясь, говорит мне: «Вы ему винцом на рубашку-то капните – на счастье...» Есть ли толк от такого крещения?
Денис Ахалашвили
Есть в российской глубинке храмы, отмеченные особым благоволением Божьим, где молитва со дня основания никогда не прекращалась, а благодать проявляется с особой силой.
Социальная сеть, именуемая «Фейсбук», заметно изменила мою жизнь. Она дала мне возможность делиться тем, к чему я пришла, что во мне созрело, что для меня вдруг расцвело; делиться с самыми разными людьми, убеждаться, что им это тоже нужно и что я таки не зря живу на этом свете. «Фейсбук» подарил мне великолепных друзей: их гораздо меньше, чем тех, кто называется моими друзьями на его специфическом языке, но они есть, и жизнь каждого из них стала в какой­то мере моей жизнью. Я сострадаю и сорадуюсь им, они — мне, мы взаимно обогащаем и поддерживаем друг друга.

English Edition

However, in reality, Kiknadze currently has nothing to do with the Georgian Orthodox Church and His Holiness Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II.
Paul Gilbert
The personal items which once belonged to Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, had been preserved for decades by Nina Molev’s family. The items had been collected from the private chambers of Elizabeth Feodorovna, after the closure of the Martha and Mary Convent in Moscow. During Soviet times, the contents of the box were hidden from prying eyes, for it was forbidden to own such artefacts associated with the royal family, particularly during the Stalinist years.
[Homilies and Spiritual Instruction]
Rev. Gregory Jensen
We often hear that love isn’t a feeling but a decision. True enough but it begs the question. What is it we decide when we decide to love?
The video shows the church raiders using Molotov cocktails, tear gas, truncheons and iron bars. Some of the clergy and believers were injured.
The Queen will use her traditional speech broadcast on Christmas Day to reflect on her personal faith and her belief in the enduring role of Christianity at the heart of British life.
The liturgy that the worshippers sang honored St. Nicholas as one who was “exalted by humility and enriched by poverty.” According to the story with which Father Thomas ended the service, Nicholas had been born to wealthy parents who died when he was young, leaving him heir to a fortune in his teens. “But he didn’t want all this wealth,” Father Thomas said.
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon
"We will make man in such a way that We will “grow” on him. We will reveal Ourself to him, not all at once, but bit-by-bit. This will require making time, the experience of sequence and memory, an essential component of his existence. As We diffused our eternal love to the angels in an instant, we will share that love with man through the duration of a lengthy process—well, at least it will seem lengthy to man."
[Church History]
Fr. John Whiteford
Is it correct that St. Mark "blundered" in the writing of his Gospel? There is no reason why we should conclude that he did, and you will never find any Father of the Church making any such suggestion. However, this is what Fr. Gregory Hallam stated recently in his E-Quip lecture series, in a lecture about St. Mark's Gospel.
[Saints. Asceties of Piety. Church Holy Days ]
Fr. Vasile Tudora
This infinite love should make us all want to change something within our hearts, to make our heart a place fit for Christ. To give him there a proper place to be born, to grow and to save each of us from the inside out. Then, and only then, the Christians will truly become a cloud of witnesses for the Incarnation. Then, and only then, the world will be able to understand the meaning of the miracle from the manger of Bethlehem.
International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) today announced that they are preparing to release emergency funds to respond to the urgent needs of people affected by the worst drought in Ethiopia in decades. IOCC, an ACT Alliance member, is working in collaboration with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission to alleviate suffering caused by widespread drought conditions in southern and eastern regions of Ethiopia.
Historians have long believed that Kursi was inhabited either by Jews or early Christians, and the discovery, supervised by Prof. Michal Artzi of Haifa University and Dr. Haim Cohen with the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, seems to confirm those ideas.
There is a palpable sadness when conversation drifts to the future of Christianity in Gaza, and there’s anger, too. A community that has survived two centuries through times of war and natural disasters now feels like it is on its last legs.
“North Caucasus with its huge Muslim and Orthodox communities is a region where people face all kinds of challenges that can emerge, where people belonging to absolutely different cultures live together,” His Holiness Patriarch Kirill went on. “It is to the credit of its leaders that today we have peace in North Caucasus. Most of the credit belongs to those responsible for peace before the state and people, and, I believe, to the religious figures alike.”
"My very small children are in prison," Samer told reporters. "I had no idea that the political climate was so against Syrian refugees. If I had known that it was so terrible here I wouldn't have brought my family."
The Isihazm.ru website has published unique photographs of the cell of St. Paisios in the Iveron Skete on Holy Mount Athos.

Српска верзиjа

Ако је идеал пастира свима (чак и онима који се непријатељски односе према Цркви) познат – јер је то Сам Спаситељ, воде се разноразни разговори о томе колико је садашњи клир далек од овог идеала и да ли је у принципу могуће да се он достигне, као и шта то спречава, и често се доносе површни и исхитрени закључци.
На сајту расколничке организације «црногорска православна црква» објављена је вест о томе да је код ње у званичну посету допутово «представник Грузијске Православне Цркве и Грузијског патријарха Илије II епископ Данило Кикнадзе».
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